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To succeed in UK education at a sixth form college, university or working in partnership with businesses requiring a good knowledge of English, a key skill is being able to think and express yourself analytically in English. A good grasp of cultural awareness and knowing how to integrate with your peers is also of significant importance. This is often overlooked by many as being something that can be easily picked up, however, years of experience in supporting internationals wanting to improve both their education and job prospects have proved that having lessons in cultural awareness and etiquette are essential.

Professional Induction

This course is aimed at those who want to improve their professional standing. Participants may already have a good working knowledge of business in their own countries but would like to focus on specific aspects of Business and Professional English.

  • Study real cases taken from current news stories, using professional and business journals and papers
  • Become familiar with a range of language associated with the world of business by practising it through role-play and discussion
  • Have the opportunity to improve writing skills related to specific areas of business studies, such as reports, letters, emails, minutes of meetings and social networking
  • Increase your confidence in giving presentations and working as a member of a project team.
  • Possibility to sit for Professional and Business English examination if required.

Minimum age 18, maximum class size 10.

Before the start of the course an in-depth needs analysis is completed to ensure that the course covers participants’ requirements and interests.

Academic Induction

This course recognises that it takes at least 18 months for a student new to UK education to become familiar with the way it is delivered and the expectations required by the various establishments. On completion of the academic induction course, participants should feel better equipped to achieve their potential in their chosen field of study.

  • Induction into and understanding British Education
  • Academic skills required for study at a higher level using material associated with chosen subjects/disciplines and to allow participants to become familiar with subject specific vocabulary
  • Support with choosing the right course and where possible visits to schools, colleges and universities
  • Preparation for the UKiset test the adaptive online entry test taken in English designed to support admission into the UK independent education system. It is a smarter way to test a student’s ability to cope in an English speaking school. It measures their underlying abilities in core skills (such as language, mathematics and problem solving) and aptitude for learning. UKiset is a standardised assessment that can be used to identify a candidate’s strengths, weaknesses and learning preferences
  • Preparation for IELTS and the Cambridge Suite of Examinations
  • Time allocated for participants allowing focus on specific needs

Minimum age 16, maximum class size 10

Before the start of the course an in-depth needs analysis is completed to ensure that the course covers participants’ requirements and interests.  We welcome applications from students who are academically able but may require more time to assimilate information or have specific learning styles.

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