11+ Preparation


Our 11+ courses are designed to provide support for Year 5 pupils intending to take the Test in September 2018. We have two courses available, a Foundation and Test Preparation Course, which can be taken either consecutively or in isolation. Class sizes are limited to a maximum of 8.

Short exam practice exercises will be used to assess student comprehension, however, we work to the ethos that tutor contact time should primarily be spent providing tuition and not performing practice exercises which can be done at home.  Each week, students will receive a full hour of tutor support and guidance on techniques that will equip them to manage their time and tackle Verbal and Non-verbal questions effectively during the test.  Discrete homework tasks will then be set to help pupils consolidate and practise ideas learnt on the course.

There are no pre-enrolment assessments or benchmarks for acceptance on to the course and we will not publish individual scores or an overall cohort’s test success rate for promotional gain – though we do like to hear how our students performed!

The sole objective of these courses is to help equip participants with the critical tools required to complete the 11+ exam to the best of their ability.  Clearly, we cannot guarantee that students will be successful in gaining a place at their school of choice, but we sincerely believe that irrespective of the test result, the academic skills learned and practised at Stamford Academy, will stand pupils in good stead for their future studies.

Course Profile

Duration:6 & 12 weeks
Hours per Week:1
Levels Available:Foundation, Test Preparation
Class Size:3 - 8
Start Dates:March 2nd & April 2017 (TBC)
Class Study Materials:Provided
Home Study Materials:Available to purchase

Personalised Progress Reports

Homework is set each week allowing children to have additional practice. A personalised report will be written for each student at the end of the Foundation Course and at the 6 and 12 week mark on the Test Preparation Course to allow parents to monitor progress and address any areas that may require further study or tuition.

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