Course Profile

Duration:8-10 weeks
Start Dates:January, April, September
Hours per Week:2
Class Size:3-10
Levels Available:Beginner & Intermediate
Class Study Materials:Provided
Home Study Materials:Available for purchase
Arabic language courses

Beginners Course

Our beginners Arabic course is designed as a taster course to build the skills and confidence needed to speak and understand simple Arabic in predictable everyday situations. A range of audio-visual materials will be used to introduce topics and situations which a visitor to a Arabic-speaking country might typically find themselves in.

The course aims to provide the basic language tools and vocabulary for you to ask for help or describe what you want, and to understand the gist of what you hear. You will be given lots of opportunity to practise basic conversational exchanges, to realise that making mistakes is all part of learning a language and that the ability to speak a little of a language can make a big difference to your overall experience.

  • CEFR Level A1
  • Native teachers
  • Small class size – 10 students maximum
  • Three start dates per year (September, January, April)
  • Practical focus on conversational Arabic
  • Subtle introduction of essential grammar and building familiarity with key grammatical structures
  • Learning basic present and past tenses
  • Building vocabulary
  • Continuation classes for those who want to progress (subject to enrolments).
  • Anyone interested in an 8 – 10-week taster course in basic conversational Arabic
  • No prior knowledge necessary for beginner class.

Intermediate Course

Our intermediate Arabic course is designed to explore a broader range of social interactions. We aim to develop the language skills needed to engage in more sustained conversations as well as reviewing the key language structures which make effective communication in Arabic possible.

  • CEFR Level A2/B1
  • Native teachers
  • Small classes – 10 students maximum
  • Three start dates per year
  • Practical focus on conversational Arabic, building the ability to sustain conversation on a wider range of topics, improving accuracy, fluency and building vocabulary.
  • Aimed at students with an assumed practical knowledge of basic present and past grammar tenses.
  • Students should be able to understand and respond to basic Arabic conversation.
  • Simple texts such as news articles can already be read for gist.

Beginners Arabic

20 Tuition Hours
Course Starts W/C 21st January, 2019
Day: TBC
Time: TBC

Intermediate Arabic

20 Tuition Hours
Course Starts W/C 21st January, 2019
Day: TBC
Time: TBC

One-to-One and Business lessons available

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