The Intensive course is best suited to students who are able to dedicate a sustained period of study per week to their English language learning. The intensive option is most suitable for students looking to prepare for and enter the IELTS examination in the weeks and months prior to an examination date. However, it is important to note that entering the exam is not a requirement of the course. Classes on our intensive course take place each weekday afternoon for two hours.


Our Part-time course takes place on two evenings per week and is ideal for students who, because of their busy lifestyles, are only able to dedicate a limited number of hours per week to their study of English.

How will an IELTS Preparation course help me?

The IELTS test focuses on all four language skills – Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking. Our courses are designed to develop and improve language skills and strategies which will help students:

  • Understand both the central ideas and detailed arguments set out in a range of text types and to use the information appropriately in response to questions;
  • Follow and answer questions on a number of recorded texts, both monologues and conversations, in a variety of English accents;
  • Demonstrate their ability to present and summarise information in written form based on a range of visual source materials including diagrams, graphs and tables;
  • Set out a coherent and cohesive written essay which develops an argument, discusses or puts forward a particular position on abstract issues;
  • Participate meaningfully and confidently in face-to-face interviews and to speak at length on topics with which they are familiar.


10 Tuition Hours per week
£135 per week
Course Duration – 2 weeks (min) +
Class Size – Min 3/ Max 10
Start Date – On Demand


4 Tuition Hours per week
£195 per week
Course Duration – 4 weeks
Class Size – Min 3/ Max 10
Start Date – On Demand

COVID-19 Update

NEW! Face-to-face language courses coming in May 2021. We are still providing English, modern language, 1:1 and small group tuition at the Academy. For all new course enquiries, please email