Full Time English

Study English with a qualified tutor for 15+ hours per week.

Part Time English

English exclusively for adults living and working in Stamford and the surrounding areas.

Foreign Languages

Improve relations with international clients, customers and colleagues.

Bespoke Courses

One-to-one lessons and in-house training tailored to your profession.

Could language skills be the key to growing your business?

Improve Service

Our workshops and in-house training courses are designed to improve communication skills, particularly in service industries and client-facing roles.  Following a needs analysis, we will work with you to develop and deliver a course that best suits your business objectives.

All of our bespoke programmes focus on quickly enhancing the existing language skills of employees, making them more effective in the workplace with the language they already possess whilst introducing new vocabulary and communication techniques specific to their role. Participants will each receive end-of-course certificates together with personalised reports, detailing strengths and suggested areas for improvement.

Language & Culture

International business is highly competitive and often small differences in understanding a client’s needs, circumstances and operating environment can offer a key advantage in winning new business and reaffirming existing relations.

Grasping and understanding cultural differences and norms can be as important as being able to speak a language well. At Stamford Academy we aim to teach our students and clients how to avoid many of the cultural pitfalls associated with doing business abroad.

Knowledge or awareness of local customs and rituals can often give businesses an edge over competitors when building successful, personal business relationships overseas.

Stamford Academy

Professional Development

The continuing professional development (CPD) of staff is a necessity for most modern businesses.

For businesses with non-native employees, improving English language skills through General English courses and bespoke courses aimed at preparing staff for internationally renowned Cambridge English and IELTS qualifications is the perfect stepping stone to further development in all fields.

For staff whose first language is English, aside from the obvious communication benefits, studies have found that learning a second language can improve memory, enhance decision-making, build multi-tasking skills and actually better one’s English as well as a CV. (The Telegraph, June 2013).

Foreign Languages

As a business that works day-to-day with international students, we understand that it is commonplace for UK businesses to employ skilled overseas workers or deal with clients and colleagues with limited English language competence and confidence.

Whilst we offer several services to help improve English language proficiency, Stamford Academy also offers a range of modern foreign languages including French, German, Italian, Mandarin and Spanish.

Proactively demonstrating even the most basic foreign language skills can make all the difference in bridging the communication gap. Modern languages can help to build relationships, break the ice with new customers and develop new international markets.

If your business operates internationally, an additional language could be the ideal way to grow and break into new markets.

Tailored to your business

Stamford Academy can offer learning solutions that suit your business. Study can take place at the Academy in the heart of Stamford or alternatively, we would be happy to discuss in-house training in surrounding areas such as Peterborough, Kettering and Leicester. By selecting a bespoke solution, we can tailor lessons to your subject matter. Relevant content can accelerate the learning process and help to put these skills straight into practice.

Get in touch to find out how we can support your business.